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Stop Overs

If you’re in transit or have a stopover at Narita or Kansai Japan International Airports, why not experience Japan beyond the transit lounge? Flying time to Tokyo and Osaka is just 9.5 hours, making Japan an attractive destination for you to take a little time out and refresh yourself before continuing on your journey.

You can visit World Heritage listed sites, natural hot springs, museums and much more. Below is a brief introduction to Japan’s three major international airports and attractions to visit during your flying visit.

Narita Airport

The gateway to east Japan, Narita Airport is located about 65km east of the metropolis of Tokyo, in Chiba Prefecture. Close by to the airport are the historic cities of Narita and Sakura.

Narita is home to sites such as the Boso-no-Mura interactive open air museum, and Nioson Temple, one of the oldest temples in Japan with a history dating back 1210 years, while Sakura is an old castle town in which samurai houses from the past still stand.

Arriving & departing Narita Airport: Tokyo & Hakone 3 Days

  • Mt Fuji and Hakone Excursion including visit to Mt Fuji 5th station, cruise on Lake Ashi and ride on Mt Komagatake Cableway.
  • Free time to explore Tokyo at your leisure until departure.

Arriving Narita Airport & departing Kansai International Airport: Tokyo & Kyoto 4 days

  • Tokyo sightseeing tour including Tokyo Tower Observatory, Imperial Palace Plaza, Asakusa Kannon Temple and more.
  • Transfer to Kyoto by bullet train
  • Free day to explore Kyoto at your leisure

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Kansai International Airport

Kansai International Airport, the gateway to west Japan, is located about 50km south of Osaka city on a manmade island in Osaka Bay. It was opened in 1994 as Japan’s first 24 hour airport.

Many places of historical, cultural and economic significance can be accessed via Kansai International Airport, including the region’s commercial centre, Osaka; Japan’s ancient capital, Kyoto; the spiritual centre of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism, Koyasan; and the home of one of Japan’s most spectacular castles, Himeji.

Arriving & departing Kansai International Airport: Kyoto & Hiroshima 3 days

  • Day trip to Hiroshima and Miyajima
  • Free time to explore Kyoto at your leisure until departure

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