Adventure & Outdoors

Adventure & Outdoors

When you imagine outdoor and adventure activities in Japan, you might imagine classic examples like skiing and snowboarding in waist deep dry powder snow, but there’s so much more to be discovered. See below for a taste of all the adventures that can be had in Japan.

Marine Activities | Land Activities

Marine Activities

Did you know that Japan offers extraordinary locations for scuba diving and snorkelling? Not to mention great surf spots as well – all with a Japanese cultural twist.

Scuba and snorkelling

Those keen for aquamarine adventures should head down south towards the warmer regions. For underwater adventures, head down to the southern island of Okinawa…

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Japan is an underappreciated country for surfing. The typhoon season from June until October can bring in magnificent swells, and world class waves can be caught around Okinawa and the river-mouths around Shikoku and Kyushu…

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Land Activities

Rather stay dry? No worries – Japan has heaps to offer inland as well. Take a peek at just some of the  activities you can try while in Japan.

Trekking and Hiking

First up, hiking and trekking. The famous Mt Fuji and Mt Takao are both remarkable mountains to conquer. But why not try something a little more off the beaten path? If you’re fascinated by the culturally and historically rich temples, head out on a rewarding trip through the phenomenal UNESCO World Heritage listed Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route of Wakayama prefecture and experience the exquisite spiritual ambience…

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Mountain Biking & Cycling

From chilly Hokkaido to the tropical islands of Okinawa, a cycling holiday in Japan is definitely a unique way to see the country. Almost 80% of Japan is mountainous, and as the population is concentrated along the coastal plains along the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean, the regional areas in the middle are predominantly uninhabited and covered in breathtaking nature. Don’t miss the Shimanami Kaido, the 60km long road connecting the main island and the island of Shikoku. Be prepared to witness the extraordinary contrast of the relaxing countryside scenery of vast farmlands, alps and old architecture, and the powerful energy of the commercial motorways of the larger cities…

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Camping is a much loved outdoor activity enjoyed by both visitors and locals. During the summer holidays, the Japanese often go camping with their families, and it is very common to go with multiple families to enjoy a camping trip  with a big group…

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Japan is actually a paradise for golf lovers. It’s said that there are more golf courses in Japan than all of Asia, and the number is second highest in the world only after the United States. Fancy a few rounds of golf in undiscovered courses with a unique Japanese cultural twist?

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Fruit Picking

Various orchards around Japan offer fruit-picking experiences by weight, per piece or all-you-can-eat for a fixed amount of time depending on the fruit. It’s a popular weekend activity for Japanese people and great for families with small children…

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Those are just some of the many remarkable outdoor and adventure activities offered in Japan. Now get out there and explore the hidden beauties of Japan for yourself!

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